Prozess gegen ELA
Prozess gegen 17.November
Fotos und Plakate
Europäisches Sozialforum
in Athen 2006

ESF Athens, 4.-7.5.2006:

The Network against the Policies of Security and against Repression

Overview of the Seminars

The Network against The Policies of Security and against Repression has proposed four seminars for the 2006 Athens ESF. One of these seminars should be a big one, i.e. a seminar of general interest for a broader public and the mass media. It should be a seminar which could attract a larger number of public. The "Big Seminar" would not provide much time for a deeper discussion about our aims and goals while the other seminars should give us the opportunity to discuss. ESF seminars normally are scheduled for a 2 ˝ hour time. Therefore the speakers should not speak more than 1 ˝ hours in total in order to allow the public to discuss the matter. In the Big Seminar with four speakers every speaker would have a speaking time of maxi­mum ˝ an hour whilst in the other seminars with four speakers the time would be a maximum of 20 minutes.

Seminars and Speakers (planned)

1. Big Seminar - "The Crusade against Terror", the new Planetary Enemies and the Human Rights

Moazzam Begg (GB, former Prisoner of Guantanamo) (Alternative: xy, former prisoner of Abu Ghraib)

Etienne Balibar (France, Philosopher)

Wolfgang Kaleck (Chairman of the Republican Lawyers Association of Germany)

Jim McVeigh (Northern Ireland, Republican Prison Commission)

Opening Words / Moderation: Libertad (Germany), Network for Political and Social Rights (Greece)

2. Seminar - Antiterrorist Laws, Black Lists and the Policies of Security in Europe

Wolfgang Kaleck (Chairman of the Republican Lawyers Association of Germany)

Tony Bunyan (GB, Statewatch)

Miliucci XX  (COBAS, Italy)

Akin Birdal (Turkey, DTP-Party / Human Rights Foundation)

Opening Words / Moderation: COBAS (Italy), Tayad (Turkey)

3. Seminar - Political Prisoners, Special Trials and Security-Jails


NN (Askapena, Basque Country)

NN (Network for Political and Social Rights, Greece)

NN (Libertad!, Germany)

Opening Words /Moderation: Solidarity Movement for the Political Prisoners (Greece)

4. Seminar - Criminalization of Communities

Les Levidow (GB, CAMPACC)

Sananja Acrouf (MIB, France)

NN (Yekkom, Kurdistan)

NN (Member of the Pakistan Community, Athens)

Opening Words / Moderation: Askapena (Basque Country), CAMPACC (GB)